The Schoolhouse

As a micro school, Summerwood is a fresh take on the one-room schoolhouse. We combine the advantages of a home-like environment, multi-age grouping, and small class ratios that traditionally are part of one-room schoolhouses with our progressive education, nature-based field days, and access to endless resources through modern technology.

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The classroom environment at Summerwood is designed to mimic the comfort and familiarity of home. Our classroom is a supportive and inclusive space, where students are able to open up and feel safe as they explore their interests.

class make-up

Our classes are multi-age groups made up of an appropriate range of ages. Multi-age grouping allows children of various abilities and strengths to collaborate together. This cooperative learning creates amazing potential for peer mentorship between students.

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The student to teacher ratio at Summerwood reflects our dedication to a small schoolhouse experience. We maintain a 12:1 student to head teacher ratio, with classes often assisted by support and specialist staff. The intimate ratio in our classrooms provides for a truly individualized education and substantial one-on-one learning.