Our Mission

Summerwood School is committed to a progressive, student-centered education. We challenge and inspire our students to reach their true academic, social and emotional potential by providing abundant learning experiences in an inclusive and supportive environment. We believe learning is a lifelong process, and that each child is a unique learner. We believe learning should allow students to explore what matters most to them through real and authentic experiences. We believe learning should be an adventure.

The principal goal of education should be creating men [and women] who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have doneā€”men [and women] who are creative, inventive, and discoverers.
— Jean Piaget, "Piaget Rediscovered" (1964)

Our Values

  • Curiosity and Ingenuity: Students actively participate in inquiry and problem solving

  • Learning through play: Students actively construct meaning through playful experiences

  • Cooperative learning: Students learn through collaborative experiences, rather than competitive ones

  • Nature-based learning: Students create learning experiences in natural environments

  • Democratic learning environment: Students take responsibility through democratic methods, shaping a sustainable society together for the future

  • Student-centered, self-directed learning: Curriculum arising from student interests and inquiry

  • Depth of understanding: Students examine subjects deeply, rather than focusing on a shallow breadth of knowledge