Academic Rigor

At Summerwood, we provide authentic learning experiences that are individualized for each student, appropriately challenging, and exceedingly relevant to both our students and the world around them. We aim to foster learning experiences that develop our students' character, academic excellence, and critical thinking skills. 

Summerwood recognizes that each student is an individual who learns according to their own unique learning style. Our school days allow for group work, one-on-one learning, individual projects, free time, social and emotional learning, and creativity. We value--over every other aspect of our program--the student's right to self-directed learning. Although our students leave with a base of essential concepts and knowledge, how each student arrives at those essentials is a highly individualized process at Summerwood. We employ an emergent, student-centered curriculum that is a combination of inquiry-driven concept lessons, independent project time, reflection through Socratic Circle Time, specialty subjects, and authentic narrative assessment.

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Our students leave with a strong foundation of essential concepts and knowledge. Our students do not just store facts, they are actively applying concepts to uncover knowledge and facilitate learning in the areas of: Art, Information Literacy and Research, Music, Mathematics, Movement and Personal Health, Science, Reading, Social Studies, and Writing.

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THinking Critically

More than just problem-solving (although this is certainly part of it), critical thinking is key to adapting to an ever changing world. It allows students to reason logically, evaluate critically, consider multiple perspectives, diversify solutions, think creatively, and consider new and undiscovered ways of thinking and doing. We want our students to be discoverers and innovators, problem-solvers and adventurers. In short, we want our students to be people who can keep up with our rapidly evolving world. 

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personal character

At Summerwood, we encourage our students to behave as consciously engaged citizens by taking on responsibilities, resolving conflicts, tackling challenges, and continuing in the face of adversity. Our emphasis on democratic decision making in peer-to-peer, classroom, and student-teacher interactions, and our use of Non Violent Communication creates an atmosphere of social consciousness in our program. Our students are encouraged to demonstrate empathy, make ethically sound decisions, and be an agent of positive change in both the classroom and the world.